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Weekly prompts for fanfictioneers

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Weekly prompts for fanfictioneers
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Omnia mea mecum porto - All that is mine I carry with me Gaming Muses is a muse community inspired by, but not affiliated with other muse communities such as Writers Muses. We exclusively allow video game characters from all fandoms as muses. Joining is open for all but posting is moderated, albeit casually, to make sure stories remain related to video games and video game characters.

To Join:

Click the Join button at the top of the page. You are now a member of Gaming Muses.

You may join with your personal journal or a character journal. Whatever works for you.

There are no longer any claims on specific characters. You may write for any character you wish from any video game you desire, just abide by the rules below.

1. No shipping/pairing wars please. This is a place of creative expression. Diversity and differentiation of thought is part of that.

2. Please remain active. Where would the world be without your amazing creativeness? If you feel you're having trouble coming up with anything, writer's block, feel free to start up a discussion in gaming_ooc.

3. Mary Sues will be beheaded and the head shall be displayed on a pike atop our castle wall. That is all.

4. Spoilers are a tricky subject, some people hate them, some people don't mind. Use your discretion, and be considerate.

5. No personal Drama! If you've decided that you dislike someone keep it out of the community. Admin will not play favorites (this is very easy for her because she has no friends).

1. Prompts will be posted once a week, on Sunday. You may respond to as many as you wish, as many times as you wish. Word minimum is 100 words.

2. There is no limit on the maximum number of words in a response, however more than 500 words should be placed under a cut.

3. Posts of all ratings are allowed/accepted/encouraged, but please be considerate of others. Ratings of R or NC-17 should be labeled as such and placed under a cut.

4. Please tag your post with your character name and fandom.

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